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Paper Suppliers

Ruscombe Paper Mill
4 Cours Pey-Berland
33460 Margaux

tel +33 (0)5 5788 7377
fax +33 (0)5 5788 7392

John Purcell Paper

15 Rumsey Road

tel +44 (0)20 7737 5199
fax +44 (0)20 7737 6765

New York Central Art Supply

62 3rd Avenue (11th St)
New York
NYC 10003

tel +1 212 473 7705
fax +1 212 475 2542

Sam Flax
1460 Northside Drive
GA 30318

tel 800 726 3529
fax +1 404 352 7200

Paper Source
232 West Chicago Avenue
IL 60610

tel +1 312 337 0798
fax +1 312 337 0741

Daniel Smith
4150 First Avenue South
PO Box 84268
WA 98124-5568

tel +1 206 223 9599
800 426 6740
fax +1 206 223 0672

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Chemical Suppliers

Silverprint Ltd
12 Valentine Place

tel +44 (0)20 7620 0844
fax +44 (0)20 7620 0129

Artcraft Chemicals
PO Box 583
NY 12301

tel +1 518 355 8700
800 682 1730
fax +1 602 488 9782

Bostick & Sullivan
PO Box 16639
Santa Fe
NM 57506-6639

tel +1 505 474 0890
fax +1 505 474 2857

Photographers' Formulary
P O Box 950
MT 59826

tel +1 406 754 2891
800 922 5255
fax +1 406 754 2896

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Alternative Photography Sites

Alternative Photography A site for artists and photographers working with alternative photographic processes: Galleries, technical information, booksales, articles and more. A major resource run by Malin Fabbri, presenting the work of over 210 practitioners worldwide.

Austin Alternative Process Group An informal group in Austin, Texas, dedicated to learning and disseminating information about alternative and historical photographic processes.

Harry's Proshop Links An extensive alphabetical index featuring selections of photographic art, history and formulae as related to the alternative photographic process.

Unblinking Eye Ed Buffaloe's highly informative photography site, with many useful contributions on alternative process.

ePHOTOzine This is the UK's leading online photography magazine, edited by Pete Bargh. It has a large reference archive covering most topics, equipment reviews etc., and is particularly strong on digital photography.

Pradip Malde This beautiful site illustrates the work and philosophy of a respected professor and leading artist-practitioner of platino-palladiotype in the USA.

Dan Burkholder A leading exponent of digital negative making for alternative processes. Author of Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, his on-line publication Inkjet Negative Companion may be purchased on CD ROM or downloaded from his site.

Mark Nelson The originator of a complete digital system, published as Precision Digital Negatives for Silver & Other Alternative Photographic Processes, which may be purchased via his website.

Mark and France Scully Osterman The leading authorities in handmaking camera negative materials by the wet-collodion and other historic process, the Ostermans are expert teachers, at George Eastman House, in their own skylight studio and off-site workshops.

The Siderotype Website This specialist site is devoted to the iron-based processes of alternative photographic printing, including chrysotype, cyanotype, platinotype, and palladiotype. It features galleries of artists' work, informative essays, and booksales.

Gruppo Rodolfo Namias An Italian group, named after the celebrated photographic chemist, interested in old photographic techniques. Their informative website is accessible in several European languages.

Mamut Photo The "mammoth" photo website is devoted to ultra-large format (ULF) photography and the use of alternative processes.

Luminous-lint The leading web resource on the history of photography, assembled by Alan Griffiths, this huge site is still developing its content from many contributors, and contains exhibitions of examples of alternative processes, such as cyanotype.

Luis Nadeau An authoritative and long-established writer, researcher, and lecturer on alternative photographic and photomechanical printing. This site contains his on-line museum of processes, with illustrations, and much else of value to the conservator and curator of photography.

Gold Street Studios The major resource centre in Australia and New Zealand, run by Ellie Young, providing workshops in alternative and historical processes and silver-gelatin fine printing. The studios have a long history of successful exhibitions of alternative processes, and there is a shop providing equipment and kits for alternative processes.

Christopher James The distinguished artist and author of that leading and most popular manual The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, published by Delmar; now (2008) in its second edition, which has been hailed as the "best alternative process book ever". Christopher's website is full of delight and inspiration.

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Alternative Photography Lists and Forums

The Alternative Photo Process List This Internet discussion group has over 500 members worldwide, and welcomes newcomers of all levels of experience.

The B&W Alt Proc Forum has a bulletin board in which current questions of practice are discussed and answered.

The APUG Forum - Alternative Processes
The Analogue Photography Users Group includes this useful discussion group among their several forums; but beware of mentioning anything remotely d*g*tal, or you will be instantly anathematized. For such heretical matters, you must go to HybridPhoto

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Photograph Collections

The National Media Museum previously The National Museum of Photography, Film & Television at Bradford, UK, has the largest collection of early photographs in the world.

The Museum of the History of Science at Oxford UK, has an important archive of Sir John Herschel's early photographic experiments, including many examples of his cyanotype and chrysotype processes.

The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center of the University of Texas at Austin, USA, has many of Herschel's original notes in its manuscript archive, and important examples of alternative processes in its photography collection. It also has the "first photograph" by Niepce.

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, USA, is famed for its photography collection, which includes many fine examples of alternative processes.

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